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Hello friends! Being associated with Rain International and their revolutionary products has provided me countless benefits and opportunities.

One of the many reasons I love Rain is that they are committed to responsible manufacturing systems.

Today I’d like to share some specifics about Rain’s manufacturing systems. For those of you who don’t know about Rain International, they launched the industry of seed based nutrition. If you’re not familiar with seed based nutrition, feel free to reach out to me so I can tell you about Rain’s products and the important benefits they can furnish!

Rain International has developed an involved manufacturing facility in the United States. The huge 45,000 square foot facility has a 250 million unit capacity which is needed for meeting the global demand for their lineup of nutritional products. They built the facility near their headquarters so they can manage quality control easily and effectively. Rain inspects and tests their products often to ensure we are getting nothing but the best they have to provide.

The Public Health and Safety Organization has given Rain products the acclaimed NSF certification so you can be assured that Rain’s products are of incomparable quality.

To produce the most beneficial products, they utilize a proven cold press process, where seeds are naturally pressed. This method enhances the benefits of the products. The cold press nutritional supplement process produces zero toxins, which is useful for everyone.

Rain International’s advanced products are GMO-free which means they have not been genetically modified in any way. This is additional assurance that Rain creates their products responsibly. As a result of Rain’s unmatched manufacturing standards, we get outstanding products that promote our health and safeguard our environment.

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Rain is the world leader in seed-based nutrition, a revolutionary new active lifestyle supplement that delivers unprecedented nutrition in concentrated amounts from seeds.

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